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DANAU TOBA MEDAN - Lake Toba, IndonesiaWelcome to Lake Toba Tour..!!

When you hear about Lake Toba, may be you are asked where was this lake located, Lake toba is located in Parapat a small town in the northern part of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Lake toba can be reached from 2 International airports. First is Kualanamu International airport as the second bigest airport in Indonesia travelers those who want to visit Lake Toba can use this airport when they make a flight ticket. It is approximately 160km away from Kualanamu International airport. Second is Silangit International airport, this a small airport nearby Balige town and approximately 66km away from International Airport to Parapat town.

Lake Toba is a vulcanic lake with 100km long, 30km wide, and up to 505 meetres deep. Lake Toba also known as the largest lake in Indonesia and largets volcanic lake in the world. Covering an area of 1700 km2, almost 2.5 times the size of Singapore. It was formed by a colossal supervolcanic eruption more than 70,000 years ago.

How Lake Toba was formed..?

There are of course legends on how Lake Toba was formed. The following is a Batak Toba legend: Once upon a time there was a man living in the area of the present day Danau Toba. No one knew when or from where he came. He lived in a simple hut in a farming area. He had a garden and did some fishing. One day he caught a big fish in his trap. It was the biggest catch ever in his life. Back home the fish turned into a beautiful princess decorated with jewels. He fell in love with her and proposed to her. She nodded romantically, however, the princess had one condition. The man had to promise never to tell anyone that she had been a fish. If he would, there would be a disaster. They married and got a daughter and lived happily. The daughter always brought lunch to her father out in the fields. The girl was however very greedy and one day she ate all her father’s lunch. Her father got angry and scolded: “You damned daughter of a fish!” The princess started to cry when she heard what her husband had said. She told her daughter to go to the hills, as there would be a disaster. When the daughter had left for safety the princess prayed. Soon there was an earthquake, rain started to fall and springs appeared everywhere. The whole area got flooded and became Lake Toba. The princess turned into a fish again and the father became the island of Samosir.

According to a Simalungun legend, told in Pematang Raya, there was once a mountain called Gunung Tuhaweoba in the area where Lake Toba is now. (Tuhaweoba is also the name of a kind of pepper). A long time ago the mountain exploded, Lake Toba was formed and the people were divided. Those on the western side of the lake became the Batak Toba and on the eastern side Batak Simalungun. The word Tuhaweoba changed over time to Tuba and later to Toba.

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