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Samosir Indonesia - Samosir Island, Indonesia

Visit Samosir Island & What To See

Samosir Island is an island located in the midle of Lake Toba, Indonesia. This island can be reaced for about 45 minutes from Parapat town by boat, as one of best tourist distination in North Sumatra province of Indonesia, Samosir  Island also the best place to relaxe and doing some activities such as riding and cycling. Most of tourists that visit Lake Toba they are prefer to spend the night in Samosir island.

There are several ways to reach Samosir Island from Medan, the capital city of north Sumatra. You can hop on the tourist bus from Medan to Parapat and take the ferry to reach to Samosir Island, or you can take a domestic flight by Susi Air from Medan to Silangit, hop on the bus to Parapat and take the ferry. If you have a bit of extra room in your budget and depending on weather and season, you can rent a car and travel by land through the Karo district. During your road trip to Samosir, you will be granted with a breathtaking view of Lake Toba and Samosir Island as you approach.

Samosir Island is not only one of the culturally rich regions of Indonesia that still preserves its traditional rituals, but it also preserves its natural scenery, which makes it a great alternative adventure holiday, in Indonesia.

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