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Small towns near Lake Toba

Beside of Lake Toba as a populer of tourist attraction in North Sumatra, Indonesia. You also can visit another small towns near Lake Toba with their best tourist attractions, bellow are some articles about these small towns :

Balige Town

Balige is one of a small town in North Sumatra province of Indonesia and it is the seat (capital) of Toba Samosir Regency. It is 240 kilometers away from Medan. Balige is also a tourist spot to see Lake Toba, the largest crater lake in South East Asia. Balige is 60 kilometers away from Parapat, another tourism town around Lake Toba.

What to see and Do in Balige



When tourist come to Lake Toba, they also can visit a small town called Tarutung. Tarutung is a town in the Tapanuli Utara district and the seat (capital) of North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra, Sumatra, Indonesia.
Tarutung in Batak language means durian and town was named after the durian trees that grow there.

What to see and Do in Tarutung


Pematang Siantar

Pematangsiantar is a second bigest city in North Sumatra, Indonesia, surrounded by, but not part of, the Simalungun Regency. Pematangsiantar formerly had the status of a second level district and has recently been elevated to city – its population was 219,319 in the 1990 Census, 242,756 in the 2000 Census, and 240,787 in the 2010 Census, making it the second largest city in the province after the provincial capital Medan.

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